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Food Photography Styles

Food Photography Styles

It’s nice to have a style, but you can change your angles of food photography depending on the recipe.

There’s no one style that’s best when photographing food. You might want to have a pattern for Instagram, but it’s actually recommended since not all food will look good in the same setting.

Photo Angles

Abstract Photo

Close-up photo of a dish with texture really visible. Simply to none background.

French Apple Pie Tart

Action Shot

To help people imagine what’s it like to sample all of it. The pouring or dipping moment caught on camera.

Polish Zurek Soup

Bird-Eye View

Perfect for pizzas, colorful dishes and cookies. Could be turned into a mini-scene with props.

Peruvian Papa a la Huancaina

Side Angle

Ideal for burgers, drinks, cakes. Usually the background is blurred.

Stuffed Peppers

Messy Shots

Whether it’s crumbs, flour, garnish or sauce, sometimes it’s fun to make a mess.

Polish Kolaczki Cookies


Doubling or tripling the plate has become a trend with everything in focus. Repetition in food photography can easily create a more yum effect.

Set-Up Scenes

Background and props create a story for a photo. A good excuse if the food isn’t very good looking or interesting in its own.

Polish Kopytka Dumplings

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