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As a native Pole I’m sharing my best Polish food recipes for those wanting to try them out at home! Polish cooking doesn’t have to be hard.

Sernik: Polish Cheesecake Recipe

Mouth-wateringly delicious, the sernik is a rich and creamy Polish cheesecake that is worth the wait! Baked with farmer’s cheese and refrigerated for a touch of cool, it’s perfect for dessert or as a tea-time snack. What is Sernik? Sernik is a delicious Polish Cheesecake that’s as popular as paczki, szarlotka, and babka, and maybe …

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Polish Meatballs in Dill Sauce: Pulpety w Sosie Koperkowym

Pulpety in Dill Sauce or Klopsy w Sosie Koperkowym is a traditional Polish dish that can be ready in no time. Easy to make for lunch or dinner, the kids will love this creamy dish too! What Is Pulpety? Pulpety are the Polish word for meatballs. The plural of pulpet, pulpety are made of minced …

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Pierogi Leniwe Recipe: Polish Lazy Dumplings

Leniwe Dumplings or lazy pierogi as they’re often called are delicious and easy to make. Easy to combine with different flavors, these cheesy dumplings can be eaten as a sweet or savory dish! What Are Pierogi Leniwe? Pierogi Leniwe are Polish dumplings made with flour, eggs, and twarog (a type of quark cheese). You’ll often …

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Polish Wild Mushroom Soup: Zupa Grzybowa

Typically served for Christmas Eve dinner in Poland, Zupa Grzybowa is a traditional Polish wild mushroom soup that can be made with fresh or dried mushrooms. What’s Different About Zupa Grzybowa? Zupa Grzybowa is a hearty vegetarian Polish dish that was supposed to have been popularized by the people from Masovia but is eaten all …

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Krokiety Recipe: Polish Croquettes

Krokiety are golden brown Polish pancakes that are eaten with red borscht soup for Christmas. Of course, they’re perfect for other times of the year too and taste great with mushrooms, sauerkraut, onions, or meat! Krokiety is a savory Polish pancake that’s quite often made by rolling a nalesnik (closer to French crepe than American …

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Polish Zapiekanka: Polish Street Food

Zapiekanka, also known as Polish pizza is popular Polish street food. You’ll love this Polish open sandwich is topped with mushrooms, mozzarella cheese, and more! What Exactly Is Zapiekanka? Often served at street stalls in Poland, zapiekanka is a toasted open-topped or open-faced sandwich that was invented in the 1970s. It’s said that Edward Gierek, …

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